Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tom Cruise Parody ala Scrapbooking

I love ya Cathy Z!!!
But first...watch Tom Cruise first...then watch Cathy :D

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Kelly said...

hahahaha! I saw this after the tom cruise video and almost peed in my pants! This is sooooo funny if you saw the other video first!

shawnyrvr said...

OM Gosh!!!! I KNOW!!! Last night I was lol so loud DH came in from the den to see what the heck was up. He hadn't seen the TC video yet so I made him watch it first and then he chuckled about 1/2 way through CZ's, got up to leave the room and said that was REALLY cute!!!

Then this morning we were watching the Sat Morning Show on some news station and they were addressing the TC video and the whole issue with some expert on religions... ummm?? go figure... he didn't sound like much of an expert to me... He said that there were over a million hits when the news lady asked why?... he said because people were interested in what the said religion had to offer. I said, No you idiot, it's because we were all laughing our A--es OFF... but I'm a "Suppressive" by nature, too -- so... I'll just get written off. lol

Take Care!

Ginny said...

I caught that before seeing the Tom Video & at first was like, What? After watching Tom though, I was dying. Too funny!!

Emilie said...

LMAO!!! I LOVE this!! This is so funny!!!!