Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Valentine's Day Printable Mustache Cards

   Ok, so I lied!  I wanted to do freebies once a month, but I can't help but share these!  So I hope you share them as well for others to download!  I made a red, blue and pink card.  The download includes a 4x6 JPG that you can print from home or at your local Walgreens, York or wherever you print your photos from if you  need to print a bunch.  I'm also including an 8.5x11 PDF printable file with three cards on it.  Make sure to print these on a nice cardstock and then you can cut them out.  Also make sure to change the margins on your printer, because I really had to scootch them close to the left and right margins to get three on there.
   Once printed you can add a sucker that the kids can put through the middle of the mustache.  You can also purchase self adhesive ones to put on top of the mustache image.  I found a bunch sold in 12 packs on Amazon.  Or if you're lucky enough to have a die cutting machine with a mustache card, cut a couple of those out and put them on the card as well so the kids could wear them.  If you like the idea of a cardstock mustache, check out etsy as there is a TON of people selling them in all sizes :D
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Pink Card

Red Card

Blue Card

ETA- The finished cards!  I had my cards printed at York, using the above link.  I found these mustache's on Etsy.  They were cut out on an adhesive paper.  I used a glue stick to put them on the cards, so the kids could easily peel them off and wear them :D

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Project Life Cards {365 Scrapbooking}

Every month I usually provide a free kit, facebook cover, or something along those lines.  This year I would like to do project life cards.  Every month I will do a PDF of an 8.5x11 printable that can be used printed or in your digital scrapbook pages.  I will put the link to each month on the right hand side of the column, in case you miss a month.  All I ask in return is you share the post via Pinterest or Facebook with your friends so they can come download and use the cards as well!  I have no problem taking requests for things you can't find or would like to see done for the next month!  I would also love to see what you create.  You can hashtag them with #amyteetsdesigns so I can find them easily!

Here's the cards for January 2013:

 You can download the PDF here

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Printable Canvas DIY Banner from Michaels Midesign

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share a hybrid craft with you using canvas paper.  If you don't have or can't find canvas paper cardstock would work great as well.  I had this in my stash and wanted to make a banner for the holidays with it, and this is what I came up with!  I printed 5x7 cards and then cut them into banner shapes and put our last name on it using alphas.  Of course you could design the entire banner in the builder and not have to do much to it when printed.  But, I like to add those extra buttons and lace on things.  Here's my instructions:

Go to MiDesign and log into your account
Once logged in click on "Let's Get Started" in the upper right corner
Choose "Start A New Creation"
Select "Photo Cards", "5x7 Flat Cards", "Start Creating"
Now here, I just added background papers to the Front and the Back sides of the card and chose the option to print at home.  You can design your entire banner in the builder then print from home as well.  Adding last names, dates, family members names etc.
Once I received the print from home files in my email, I unzipped them and opened them in photoshop.  I then added two of my 5x7 cards onto one 8.5x11 sheet for easy printing.  If you do not use photoshop you can choose to print from the file, they come as a jpg.  Just reinsert the paper upside down to print the back of the card.  Make sure to use a test print on regular paper.
Once I had everything done in photoshop I printed out my cards onto the canvas paper.  You can also print out on cardstock as well.
I then assembled how I wished!  I added baker's twine, buttons, bling etc.  Look in your stash and just use what you have.  Make sure to use a strong glue as well.  I chose to use Helmar's 450 glue for my project.
Tip:  When cutting my banner shapes I folded my cards in half to find the middle.  Then I was able to cut the banner shape and triangles.  Also, if you're using cardstock make sure to break out those fun border punches for unique edges!

This would be a great Valentine's Gift with Love Papers and embellies as well!

~Amy Teets
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