Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let me give a shout out to Zappos.com

First, great selection, great prices, FREE overnight delivery and a 365 day return period! SO, i ordered some shoes...I didn't order the right size. Because it's free to also return them I have them ready to go and to drop off at UPS, so I could get a refund. So I called them back to see if I could exchange them for a different shoe, because they didn't have the size I needed in my original shoe. They are sending me the other shoe I want, they'll be here tomorrow and I have the other pair ready to ship back, free of charge of course! How GREAT is that!!!
So that's my shout out for the day, great Customer Service! I'll definitley order from them again!!
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Monique said...

Wow that is great! Congrats on finding a company with such great customer service! Have a great day!