Wednesday, June 04, 2014

DIY Cardboard Books

I've done a couple of these books and they're so much fun to do and so simple.  These are very versatile and you can really make them you're own!  My boys have even made them, so if you're looking for a kid friendly project this is it!  You'll need a cardboard box, or even a cereal box will work, Helmar 450, Helmar Zap dots or scrap dotshttp://www.helmarworldwide.com/, and your scrapbook papers and embellishments that you wish to use!  You can make these books any size.  I decided to make this one a little longer instead of square.
To start, cut two pieces out for your front and back cover of your book.  None of this really needs to be exact.  I think the one I made here was around 7x5.  Also cut a spine piece.  Adhere all three pieces on a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper and leave a little space in between the pieces as shown below.  This will allow your book to fold.  Trim off excess paper, but leave enough that you'll be able to fold and ahere the paper to your cardboard.  Trim off corners as shown below.  Use 450 Adhesive to adhere to the cardboard, as shown below.
Now, this next part is not exact which is why it's great for anyone of any skill level.  Select another piece of scrapbook paper and lay it over one side of your book.  Making sure to cover the cardboard.  Adhere with 450 and trim off the excess as shown below.  Make sure to cover the spine as well.  I used some nice lace trim to put in between the space between the spine and the inside cover.  You want this part of your book to still be able to bend, so I always use trim of some type.  Cute tape could work as well.  The inside of your book is done!  Feel free to make pockets out of the inside covers as I did.  I also used matching papers and bound them together.  You can then adhere them to your spine or on the left or right side of the cover as seen in my second book I made.
Note- my desk is very used so don't mind the mess!  Also, take these instructions as guidance to make your own version of a cardboard book!  I would love to see what you guys come up with!

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