Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I've been doing!

I got up the single use license at both ACOT and OSCRAPS, so that's finished! I've also been subbing at my little man's preschool. I think they just need to hire me full time! LOL!
We got our orders yesterday so I've been house hunting. We have the Marine Corps Ball in Nov. so we'll be looking at some houses before heading to the hotel.
Other than that, I pretty much have everything done for Dream Street for my winter release. I'm just waiting to hear back on the changes!
I hope all is well with everyone!
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negirl said...

Hello my sweet niece. Yep moving is hard and I think every time we are settled we are moving. Love your work and all the good things happening to you. By the way love your dress to.. Your old Aunt still need help on all I have to do come to AZ and help me out.. Love you all hugs and kisses forever

Aunt Shallene

Tracy said...

I was a teacher's aide at my dd's pre-school one year. Such a fun job!