Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rock ON!!

I've been looking for a ball dress for a couple days. I went to Dillards on Monday and tried on about 6 and NOTHING looked right! A couple girls from an Yahoo group that I belong too for recruiters wives got their dresses at JCPennys, so I decided to go and look today. Well, they're having their buy one, get the second for .88 sale. Along with their final clearance of 1.97-3.97. Needless to say I saved 149.00 and spent 55!
This is the dress I got for the ball. It'll be fun to dress it up with some jewelry! I also picked up another black dress that I can wear to the CHA shows for 1.97, a new born Carters onesie for my friend for 1.97, and dh a shirt for 3.97! I love me some sales!!
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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wow! Great dress, I wish I had the figure to pull it off.

I tagged you on my blog at http://jshahin.blogspot.com - sorry it had to be done! LOL

BTW, everytime I see ads for the new show Women's Murder Club I think it is you! You look so much like that actress - I think she used to be on Law & Order too?

Sosa's Wife said...

Fabulous dress! I'm sure you will look gorgeous in it! :)

Great sale! I know I'd never thought about JCPenny until I got in a bind and needed something quick and a girl from one of the LSS's asked me if I had checked JCP. No... boy was I glad she told me! Sales are great, and some cute party dresses for cheap! :)
Enjoy yourself! Can't wait to see the pics when you post them!

FairyMouseMom said...

Wowzers, Amy!!!! Awesome dress...and deal!