Sunday, May 28, 2006


Started watching a program today on A&E about Marines in Iraq and had to turn it. Couldn't do it. When DH and I start talking about what we're going to do next, it's programs like that that makes me want him to stay on recruiting duty. I recently read an article about a mom who lost her son in Iraq, a Marine. She didn't know about how it all happened except HBO was doing a documentary during that time and that's how she found out the circumstances of what happened to her son. I couldn't imagine watching something like that OR the program on A&E and finding out the details of losing a loved one. So maybe recruiting duty and the long hours aren't looking so bad right about now.....
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RiordM said...

DH watched the HBO show "Baghdad ER" and I couldn't watch it. With my oldest son still in the Marines and his injury in 2004, it just brings back the day I received the call that he was injured. I feel so much for those moms. I'm so fortunate.

Amy Teets said...

I can't even imagine! Everytime they get seen by a medical over there we're suppose to get a phone call. I never recieved one! Maybe it's because it was in the middle of the war , but hey it sucks to hear it from someone elses wife!
riordm~ is your son still in?
Semper Fi