Thursday, June 01, 2006

So I'm going to vent...nicely :D

There are TONS of designers, products and new sites! So I visited a site that I really haven't looked and and was browsing their printalbes. And I find a matchbook :D That's totally cool...BUT the preview and template are exactly like mine! WTH! At least if you're going to come up with a printable try and do something that no one else is..OR if you do..try and make it look like it's different than someone else is doing ;) I've been doing printable Matchbooks for awhile and I don't care if anyone else does them..but at least put your own touch on it :D Alrighty..that's my rant for this morning..now I'm off for another cup of coffee :D
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Di said...

Now THAT is too bad....I would say something. It's not too much to ask. Hugs.

Nanny said...

Absolutely say something, that's just wrong!

Dani said...

Totally say something. How hard is it to be original? Like you said you can at least TRY to make it your own.
Sorry it is wrong!

cdomsmom said...

Grrrr. That Su%%s. Sorry to hear that.

Kimberly Giarrusso said...

You rock Amy & anyone who sees that matchbook will automatically know that it was yours. No worries chicka! You are still the best!!! Hugz!