Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Series

I'm finishing up a new series called 2PackScraps. Basically they're small mini kit with two of everything :D I think I'll put the first series here on my blog for everyone to ~try out~. I'll try and get them all ready tonight or tomorrow :D If you want to keep informed just joing the yahoo group at the bottom of the page!

Have you all been reading about this popular poo. I have to say that it's going to happen. If we think about it, it's everywhere we go. Work, school, church everywhere. So of COURSE it's going to happen! I have my fav designers too just like all of you. They may not be on the "cool" list but they're on my cool list so that's all that matters to me :D I'm not sure if I'll ever be on the "cool" list, does it matter? Not really. I set my own goals for myself, like everyone else. When I first started out scrapping, I set these goals:
Get on a DT/CT
Get published
Start Designing
Get papers printed

and I've accomplished every one of them! And that's all that should matter, is how WE view ourselves and whether we've met the goals we have set for ourselves :D

Enough rambling, I'll try and get that series up and going today and definitley by the end of the week!

One more thing...why is it that only ONE person has contacted me to get those FREE scraplets!!! Hop on it ladies/gents! Forward me those receipts! I'd rather give them as a gift then sell them!
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Carol said...

Amy, did you want us to e-mail you about the scraplets or just leave a comment? I have to confess I have some problems reading parts of your blog. :( My eyes are over a half-century old and there's not enough contrast in the colors. Part of it could be my monitor too. Oh dear, I'm turning into my mother!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I'm interested!!

Amy Teets said...

Yes Carol! You can email me at teetsamy @ gmail dot com :D