Thursday, April 06, 2006

So...what's been going on?

Well not much here :D I went shopping and well, Ill have to put a photo up of one of the things I bought. Ok, even though I have a constipated laughing face maybe in the picture, I have to share! So, I dared my friend that I was shopping with to try one of these on. When I saw here in it it looked so freakin' cute on her I had to try one on too! So we both ended up buying one! Fun eh!

Then last night my little man got sick :( It's terrible seeing him like that :( He also likes to say the "F" and "S" word at the moment so we're working on that :D
Today I'm hoping to start on set FOUR of the Family Affair Collection and hopefully get some scrapping done!
Anyways here's a pic of DH and I, before going out the other night :D
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