Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Printing Services

So I've done some research and I have used a couple of these listed for 4x6 prints..I even uploaded my 8x10 layout and they came out great! A little bit was clipped off but beautiful! I've used shutterfly and snapfish. I liked snapfish prints better I think BUT shutterfly printed the names on the back, I don't ~think~ snapfish did that! ANYWAYS if you've used any of these services let us know or if you can recommend any give me a shout!

12x12 Printing Services

Scrapsydaisy dot com does it for 2.50

printmyscrapbook dot com is 7.99

sbtoshare dot com offers free samples and is 1.25 and up

costco offers this service also

Mpix dot com is 5.59

shinynickels dot com is 2.00

Printing Photos

Mpix dot com - 20 free prints for signing up -

shutterfly dot com - 15 free prints - 4x6 prints are .19

snapfish dot com - 20 free prints and 20 for every new member you get to sign up - 4x6 prints are .10

design.ec-t.com - 4x6 prints are .29

photoworks dot com - 25 free prints - 4x6 prints from .09-.19

Kodak Easy Share Gallery or Ofoto- 10 free prints - 4x6 prints are .15

ritzpix dot com - 10 free prints - 4x6 prints are .19

clarkcolor dot com - 10 free prints- 4x6 prints are .11

yahoo photos - 10 free prints

yorkphoto dot com - 10 free prints - 4x6 prints are .10

crosswayimages dot ca - as low as .29 CDN per print

photoimagecentre dot com - Prestwich, Manchester - 10 free prints

dotphoto dot com - 30 free prints
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Jen_Jake'smom said...

this is a great list! can I borrow/tweak it for JenStrange.com? I'll give you full credit for compiling it, my dear!!!


Janet's Blog said...

I love the photos I've gotten from Mpix. The only other one I've tried is Shutterfly (for 4x6) and the ones I've gotten from Mpix are much better.

Bridget said...

I've used and loved ShinyNickels.com. They have beautiful color registration and don't clip off any part of your image - they are cut perfectly!

They also give you two free 6x6s of your image for the same price ($1.99 for a 12x12). I use these to make booklets for my kids or for the grandparents.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5.99 (for 10 prints or more) and my order arrived the day after they shipped it.

Also, they can actually print any size you want - if you put six 4x6s into a 12x12 configuration and save it as a jpg, they print that page (the six 4x6 photos) for $1.99.

The images are great for archiving - they do not do photo paper but their matte prints are perfect for scrapbooking!