Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To Do List....

I have a list of things to do today. I need to start updating our SB.com blog for Dream Street, I'm going to do the RAK Feb. add on kit for ScrapWow so I need to start on that today, I need to find a background for Dream Street for the sb.com My Places, any ideas? This has to tile nicely and it needs to be one of my designs since I have those original files. I also need to finish laundry and cleaning a bit. I also need to start planning my projects for Magistical Memories! I took advantage of Walgreens 50 prints for 5.00 deals. Luckily our Walgreens does a great job :D
What's everyone else doing today, and can you come help me :D
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Di Heuser said...

Would love to come and help you. Might take me some time to get there though :)

Did a layout with your FAT2 papers on my blog:



jakey said...

to do lists.... lol - I have them all over the house! Glad to know i'm not alone :-)

jk xxx