Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tracy Joy Bags

Stumbled upon this website, after looking around for a Mother's Day gift for myself! And I'm SOLD! I "think" I'm going to go with the Joey bag, as soon as they're in stock again. I think what's sold me on these bags is for 10.00 you can get velcro added on, so you can change the flaps to other patterns! So yes initially, my bag will probably run around 80.00, but for 15.00 down the road, I can change the appearance for a totally new look! If anyone else has ordered a bag I'd love to know, or if you have any other sites for me to look at I would definitley like to look as well!
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Hummie said...

Miss Chris was going to get this too! It must be the new in thing!

Crystal said...

I'm totally going there TODAY. And that's not even why I stopped by.

To make a long story short I'm opening a digiscrap store that features charity kits only. 90% of all sales goes to the charity of the month. The Make a Wish Foundation will be our first cause in June. June also happens to be National (US) Toilet Training Awareness Month, I'm not kidding. So our kit is aimed towards toddlers. Please read the attached flier, if you don't want to participate I understand, but is there any chance you could give us a shameless plug? Or pass the news onto friends. I'd really appreciate it and it's for a good cause.

Thanks for your time and have a great weekend.

Crystal owner of Benevolent Boutique