Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Artscow Review

Got all 106 photos today! Yeah, had to order an extra six, but who's counting! They advertise 400 free prints. How it works is you get 50 4x6 and 50 5x7 free prints everymonth for four months you pay the shipping which is under 10.00, because it ships from Hong Kong. I ordered my prints on the 13th and got them today, so really NOT that bad! The prints turned out great, glossy, but a little on the thin side I guess. I can tell the differance between my old camera and my new for sure! But I did get some printed that I had previously printed with WHCC and they turned out just as nice! If you want to check out the site you can HERE. They're also going to be doing 8x8 books soon as well!
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Kim said...

Please use caution with this site, after ordering from artscow.com I got fraudulent charges on my CC. THis company also operated under 2 additional names. This deal is one of those "too good to be true!" deals!

Berry said...

What is wrong with you "Kim", why you spread the rumor all over the forums and blogs, if you got fraudulent charges on your CC, you should call police, if you have evidence that ArtsCow stole your CC. Are you sure your CC is not stolen by other websites? We never received any call or email complaints about "fraudulent charges", is it real? ArtsCow.com takes care of all details securely.

Or are you one of our competitors?

Do a search on for "400 free prints" in google.com, see how many people love our deals.

Chief Executive Officer

Sean said...

Shut up Berry.
Searched the internet and found both good and bad reviews of....Artscow.com

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 sets of prints and one canvas. The first order I submitted was my 5x7 prints for my Christmas cards - submitted on nov 29. The other 2 orders were sent in over the following 3 days. I rec'd the last 2 orders within 10 days but still have not rec'd the first order. I emailed the company WHICH IS IN HONG KONG (but they never really show that on the website) and got one response as to how I had to wait. I emailed them every day and they would not respond. I finally got a response and they said they would only give me a credit it the order was returned to them in HONG KONG! Haven't they heard of lost usa mail?? Their customer service is horrible! They do have a USA Office in Texas but you can only mail them correspondance and you can only call the 1-877 number during HONG KONG hours! PLEASE SUPPORT USA companies and DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE CROOKS! The fact that they hide their location on their website (it is only under the contact us info) is sleezy!!