Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm sure like most of you scrappers, when you have a bad day you scrap to relax, or maybe that's just me ;) You know one of those days that you just feel like a terrible parent and nothing can go right, yep I had one of those today. Good thing I have one of the sweetest five year olds in the WORLD! So I decided to sit down and play with a project I got in the mail the other day. I took a chance and ordered from a kit club new to me. I ordered the 2Croppincousinz Project 2 Scrapbook Idea Book. I have to say that's the EASIEST project I've ever done! A lot of time was definitley put into this kit! Every step is explained step by step, so for those of you that have never altered anything and want to try, order one of these project kits! I followed the directions step-by-step on mine except for the back, I'm not a huge card maker and I didn't want to waste paper :D
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Tracy said...

ooooh! looks like a fun project!