Friday, April 20, 2007

How to Print Digital Embellishments

If you don't purchase "Printables" you may have to follow these steps to print. Anything hybrid that I put on this blog is all ready to print on any standard printer. But here are some simple instructions, you may have to alter them depending on the program you use to print. I use Photoshop to make a sheet of printables. I'm finding ACDSee is easy to use if I need one thing or two.

How to Print Digital Files

As soon as you download your file you will want to unzip it.
Double click on the file to unzip.
Make sure to place the contents in a folder that you can easily find. For Example, in your Documents folder create a folder called Scrapbooking.

Open up your scrapbooking program. Whatever you are choosing to use.
Go to File>New
Make this document letter sized so it can easily be printed.
Go to File>Open
Find the folder you saved your new files in.
Select an image that you would like to print...double click.
Your image should now be in your work space.
Move this image to make it overlap your letter sized document.
Drag the image onto the letter sized document.
If the image is larger than you want resize.
(If doing this in Photoshop, Ctrl-T, hold down shift while moving the handles, hit ENTER when finished)
Make sure you allow enough of a border, so when you print nothing gets cut off.
File>Print Preview
Here you can see if anything is going to get cut off and to adjust the size to print so it prints correctly.
If you able to print borderless, choose this option.
From there you can now print your file.
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