Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing You

From the neutral palette of tans and browns to the extra pop of color with the teal, orange and greens, this makes for a versatile product for more than just that person you want to remember and add words from your heart onto your layout.

This collaboration with Amy Teets and Laura Burger includes:

12 backgrounds by Laura, 14 backgrounds from Amy;

12 buttons in 4 different styles, 1 check list journal items, 2 hearts, 1 stitched stem, 10 flowers in 7 styles, 8 different frames, 1 postcard journal, 1 measuring tape, 1 banner, circular sticker words, paper clock, cassette tape, 1 date sticker, a set of days of the week labels, 3 bead clusters, 1 sliver doodled overlay, 1 bow, 1 bow with buckle, 2 curled ribbons, 1 cross, 1 feather, 4 plastic hearts, 3 journaling items, 2 leafs, 2 pearl doodles, 1 stick pin, 2 rik rak pieces, 2 postmarks with stamp, 2 stems, 3 straight ribbons, 1 curled string, 2 curled wires.

As you can see a large set that will keep you scrapbooking the people you miss in your life.

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