Thursday, May 06, 2010

Helmar + Fabric = LOVE!

For the month of May, I'm all Helmar's! I'm their guest designer for this month! I would like to put all my fabric goodies that I made into one post for everyone! Also, ACherryOnTop is now carrying their Craft Glue that I used on the fabric and the ScrapDots that I used on my layouts for dimension. This is the liquid form of pop dots, so you're able to control the dimension and it dries clear ;) The first thing I made from the fabric I got from Fat Quarter were the pillows. Instead of buying new pillows I made slip covers for the ones that I was going to replace! To do this wash and iron your fabric. Measure and cut your fabric to fit your pillow. Lay the print facing each other and glue about 1/4 inch around 3 sides. Let dry about 15 minutes, invert your fabric and slide your pillow in. The way I closed my pillow is I put adhesive on one side and folded the two open side together. Smooth across and let dry. I also sewed on some buttons in the middle and added some more craft glue behind the button for extra hold.

No Sew Flowers
I made these flowers from the pieces I had left over from my pillows. I think they would also look cute on the pillows as well ;) For these I cut out 5 circles, they don't need to be perfect. Fold four of them in half with the pattern on the outside, then in half again. Put a circle amount of craft glue in the center of your fifth circle and lay the points of the four folded circles in the center. Let dry. Add whatever you wish to the center. I even misted with Tattered Angels Marshmallow for some shimmer! I added some ScrapDots on the inside of the blue petals to get them to stand up a bit more.

I found a great tutorial here for fabric headbands! Instead of using a sewing machine I used Craft Glue! I did add a couple stitches at the end to help give support to the elastic. I'm really hard on my hair stuff so thought it wouldn't hurt! I would love to see if anyone else attempts this! I think these would make great baby girl gifts!

Finally and altered window pane!
I wish I would have gotten a picture of this before I tore it apart. I was going to send this to a consignment shop before I saw that I could tear it apart. So visualize an Americana flag painted on wood and nailed onto the back. There was also Americana fabric tied onto the twig part. I was able to tear off the flag part because it was nailed in. I used my scrap fabric from the pillows I made and used the Craft glue to adhere that on the back of the panel. I put my photos on the front in case I ever want to replace them, with Helmar's adhesive runner. The fabric flowers I also cut from my scraps. The "T" I cut out of cardboard and covered with extra fabric as well. I thought it needed something so I just tied some fabric onto it, I might add some bling as well ;) Photos used were taken by Bridget from imaginatephotography.com

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Cathy said...

So absolutely beautiful Amy!! Everything is draw dropping!