Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's in a Name?

I really need a name for this kit! Please post what you think I should name it, and if your suggestion is choosen, Ill send you the kit for free! The layout is a Quickpage that is included in the kit ;)

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Ann_Ominous said...

I suggest Seredipity.

Brittney said...

Cookie Flavors
Goodluck and great kit!

Sus said...

What a sweet kit. I think I would call it "Natural thouch"

Anonymous said...

Erin's Hillsides or Hillsides of Erin

Keeping with the colors of Ireland and the month and all. I just know that I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Adorable kit!
I had a couple of things that popped in my head for ideas. First was DIXIE. Don't know why, it just seemed to fit for me. haha. As well GREEN GROOVE to go with a St Patty's theme as the colours.

Good luck!

Laura Fiore said...

Is FAN Freakin' Tastic a good name???

I love it Amy...I'm thinking Rustic Beauty!

HollDoll said...

How about Whirly Wonders or maybe Gemstone Grundge? I love the torn cardboard!

EueMinhaNikon said...

I suggest....

Sandy said...

I'm thinking Grungy Love... or Love You Long Time (cause of the ruler) or Whirly Girly? I stink at these names... sorry - But I LOVE this kit and would be THRILLED to win it!

Heather said...

Love it. How about "Woodsy Fragrance"

Theresa said...

beautiful! My suggestion is "Florific Grunge"

Sara Bonds said...

Call it Frill with a Twist. haha

I think it seems a little girly or frilly, but also a little edgy and modern.

Janice Guazzo said...

Thin Mint Grunge?
Minty Goodness
Cardboard Cookies

Sarah said...

I say Refined Funk.
Love, love, LOVE it! :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Great kit!! How about Rips and Swirls...

RitaS said...

This is GORGEOUS Amy!!

Names coming to mind:
Solstice (this one just jumped at me - seems to go with both winter and spring themes)
Teal Tango
Outside the Box
Glam'r Grunge
Chocolate Entanglement
Chocolate Divinity

Ok - without seeing it in my face my ideas are dwindling. Nonetheless - LOVE the new kit!

RitaS said...

Oh I hate it when my comment disappears into cyberspace! I had brainstormed about a dozen and will try to remember! I love this kit Amy!

Solstice was the first thing that popped into my head
Teal Tango
Chocolate Divinity
Chocolate Entanglement
Glam'r Grunge

Treasa said...

Awesome kit Amy!!!

How about Inside the Box or Corrugated Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Modern Romance. :)

PezKat said...

Rough & Refined? Tumbles & Tendrils? I like Laura's "Rustic Beauty" too. ;)

~Day~ said...

Urban Springtime?
Garden Grunge?

It's beautiful whatever you decide! Love the colors!!

Kim said...

Great kit, Amy!

My suggestion: Elan



Juliana said...

I don't care that I'm late to this! I love this kit girl!!!