Thursday, November 06, 2008

And then...there was round two!

Yeah!!! I made it to round TWO of the Magistical Memories Design Team Process. Next we will receive a package of chipboard to work with, hard right ;) Anyways, I know most of these girls are on the team now and have a lot more experience than me, but I'm hopeful!!
Here's the list of 27 that made it to round two:
Amy Coose
Jennifer Hansen
Shannon Blinn
Kelly Evans
Norma Kennedy
Corien vd Oever
Lacintha Naidoo
Madeline Fox
Jacqueline Walker
Juliana Michaels
Annie Brown
Mary Patterson
Traci Wutke
Celeste Brodnik
Anna Sigga
Selena Kimsey
Amy Teets
Betsy Sammarco
Trish Adams
Annelie Maddock
Julie Detlef
Rita Shimniok
Beth Root
Lisa Dorsey
Pearl Liu
Hilde Stolk
Kristi Bergin-Smith
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Holly said...

Congrats, Amy! Good luck on the next round! :0)