Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I need more cowbell!

Not much has been going on here. I finally got furniture in our sitting room downstairs, the emptiness was driving me insane! I hate to spend that kind of money, if anyone knows me, but I.had.to.do.it!!
Ill get some pics up as soon as it's finished. I really want a vinyle decal from Jason 's Designfruit Etsy shop. I'm hoping he can match the RGB if I take a photo to get the color just right.
Other than our trip to the ER this week with my four year old, that's all thats new!
OH! I made one of the top favorites in the last OLW challenge with the word keep!
What's new with all of you? Any new etsy shops for me to check out :D
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Tracy said...

Don't ya love the ER? Not.

I made a trip with Amberly on Sept 26. She was having excruciating, lower abdominal pain - and vomitting. It came out of nowhere.
Long story, short - she was admitted to emergency surgery at 3:00 AM for ovarian torsion (twist), which causes extrmeme pain due to blood flow being cut off and leads to the ovary dying. Her excellent surgeon was able to save her ovary, which is wonderful considering she is only 18.