Saturday, August 02, 2008


Finally have access to my blog again! Bloggers spam bots flagged it! I have a new kit out that you can grab at Oscraps, ACOT or Scrapwow!
This is on sale for 3.24 for a limited time:

Also, I made a Quickpage as well :D

Have you checked out the new RAKscraps!! Check out the header, it's my first! Also make sure to check out the community and freebies!

I'm also really excited about my first Scrapbook Trends toot! I'll have a layout coming out in the showcase section of their new Go Digital! book!


PS- Anyone else finish Breaking Dawn yet! Loved it, but also think Edward should have been the one with the other point of view instead of Jacob. That's all I say so I don't spoil anything :D
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Zarah said...

Very pretty!!

Kelly said...

Love your new kit! Very nice! Yep.. I finished Breaking Dawn. I LOVE happy endings! LOL! I read on Stephenie Meyers website that she is working on a book told from Edwards point of view. She has the first chapter up as a free download too. :)

Linda Cain said...

These are really beautiful, colorwise and composition!