Friday, June 27, 2008

Worst Week Ever goes to.......Amy Teets!

Yeah, I knew I had to win something sometime! HA! Actually my week started off with my paypal account getting hacked. Paypal was super quick to start the process of getting my funds back, but today over 600.00 cleared from my bank account. We were hoping we stopped the charges in time but guess we didn't. I went and filled out all the proper paper work at my bank to get the fraud stuff rolling since it did actually clear. It was pending and they were able to delete that, but now that it's cleared it could take up to ten days to get that money back. I also had Geek squad connect and clean out my computer this morning as well. And I also ordered the paypal key guard, which should come tomorrow! So with all that being said. Here's my PSA today. Don't use McAffe as your virus detection program and I don't care if you change your passwords everyday, it won't work if you have a keylogger virus or certain spyware on your computer.
Let's hope for better days coming ahead!!!
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Elizabeth Munro said...

What a bugger Amy!! No anti-virus is fool proof though. Hope you get your money back sooner than expected!!

Caroline B said...

Akk. Hopefully u get ur money back ASAP. I'm with u McAfee isn't the best (I refuse to use it).
Where do u get the papypal keyguard from?

scrappermimi said...

That is not good, sorry! Same thing happened to me with a credit card last year, such a pain! UGH!

Congrats on your photograpy win! Very cool photo!

Kellybelly said...


So sorry that happened to you.