Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Airborne Anyone?

I always always take this stuff before I fly. Starting two days before I leave and two days before I head back. They're now being sued for making the claim that their product could cure the common cold. I really took it because 1. I didn't want to get sick 2. to help build up my immune system. I got really really sick when I was in Vegas for Memory Trends in 2006, and since then I've been taking this stuff before I travel. Knock on wood, I haven't gotten sick again when traveling. I was going to purchase the gummies for the boys, but I guess it won't help if I do? I will probably still take them before I travel, I think it's more mental than anything. I could easily just remember to take my vitamins everyday, especially since I'll be 30 this year, it's something I need to start doing anyways :(

You can read more about the suit and to get a refund here.
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Tracy said...

Well, the stuff can't hurt, right? My doc. even said a product like that could help prevent you from catching a cold. Mainly, though staying very hydrated, taking Vitamin C (which I believe is an ingredient in Airborne) and zinc(studies have been done on it) have been proven to improve your chances of staying healthy. I think it's worth a try!