Friday, September 28, 2007

Major Brownie Points

For DH this week! This is what he come home with for me the other day! Granted, he forgot a memory card, he said it was for putting up with 10 years of the Marine Corps! HAHA!
Then he took me out to pick out new living room furniture and a dinning room table! Big points for him this week, for sure!!
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Danielle Holsapple said...

WOAH! That is HUGE points!!!!!

Hummie said...

I'm jealous!

arlsmom said...

Wow...now that man knows how to shop!!! Congrats!!

Tracy said...

W O W!! That's triple points on top of points beyond points! enjoy!

Kelly said...

ok, when you have everything you want, send that spender over HERE!!!

ArmyWife95 said...

You say, major brownie points...I say, what did you do?? LOL

Seriously, great haul!