Monday, February 06, 2006


Ok..so it got me thinking when I had a comment left on my blog about paypal..who all hates paypal for paying online? Now I know that you can bypass paypal and pay by CC but does anyone actually do this, or do they just use paypal? Just got me thinking about ACOT and how they don't accept paypal YET...is this a big issue or does it work out better? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Aznewmom said...

Hi Amy.......I will leave a comment. LOL! I do not like Pay Pal. I was getting spammed right and left after signing up with them. This, plus the fact that phishing schemes seemed to use Pay Pal all the time, made me very nervous. Also, I have heard horror stories about people who did not get promised refunds from them and who had to fight, fight, fight, to get any attention.
That said............
I cancelled my account and never used them again. That is until I ordered something from a site where they ONLY took PP. I used the credit card portion of it and didn't have any problem with it. I wasn't happy about being stuck using PP, but used it reluctantly. I don't know if I would do it again. ????????????? I might.
BUT.......I will ONLY use it with the credit card, no storage of information, option. I know it's a nice option for small merchants, and allows you guys to take CCs.

mmy2vce said...

I prefer paypal! makes it easier to keep track of my digital kit spending! Although, I have dedicated a specific cc just to my scrapbooking, again to keep a budget of my arts spending.

Di said...

Yeah I love paypal. I love how quick and easy it is. I tried their virtual credit card and didn't like that much - it doesn't work everywhere, but anyway my paypal is like my own checking account for all things digi. Love it and have had no problems or complaints!

MommyBa said...

When I found out about ACOT and saw that you're selling your kits there, I tried it out and was VERY HAPPY that this is another site where I can use my credit card here in the Philippines. Our country is not on PayPal's list and despite them having a credit card option too, we're still not included. For as long as it will go through PayPal, unfortunately, I can't grab a kit that I like.

I've been ranting about this since I started digiscrapping. There are only a handful of sites that allow me to purchase (there are only less than 10 so far that I know of) digital kits and it's really too bad that I can't go on a shopping spree at other sites other than these handful. I just hope that sooner or later, every digital scrapbooking site that is up will be able to serve the growing community of digiscrappers here in the Philippines without going through the hassle of having a PayPal account.