Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You know what just sucks

To wake up and going through email you realize another designer has emailed you with info of your files being passed around a yahoo group. It's such a big downer that I work so hard on making these files, why? Why would I continue to do this if I know my files are going to be passed around like its nothing? Why do I continue designing? Sometimes I just don't have the answeres or maybe I just don't want to face the questions. Then I read on 2Peas that there is some psycho stalking her blog because she posted a pic of her little man helping paint in his spidermans! How sick is this world! Sometimes I wonder. Well I'm off to clean something so I can take some time away from this computer. Thanks for reading my rant if you have :D
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Kelly said...

Amy... it really does suck! :( I know how you feel! I have just come to the conclusion that I can't let these theives steal my joy! They can steal my artwork, time, and ideas. I don't have a choice about that.... However, they can't steal my joy of designing and creating. I won't allow it! I believe in the principle of sowing and reaping. These people will in one way or another be repaid. I also beleive that anything the devil steals from me, God will replace 7-fold! Hope this little pep talk helps! He..He.. Hang in there and don't let them steal your joy! Love ya girly! :)