Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why is it???

That just because something is free some people think they can claim it or distribute it out to anyone/everyone? I recently ran across an ebay auction where someone had downloaded freebies and Lord only knows whatever else and was SELLING it, for the time they took to download and put it on a disk! Does that really seem right? Seriously! Even if it's a sketch or template! Most ask for personal use ONLY. That means for YOUR use! Not everyone elses? Some don't really mind as long as the original TOU or README is attached and I can go along with that one. But to take out the tou, rezip and give it out. That's just plain icky! Now, I love sketches and even have a sketch folder, but its hard to give credit sometimes because I just plain forget who made it...so it's really nice when the designers name is actually on the sketch. But I've even seen sketches posted with NO referrance to the original creator!! Ok..enough ramblings, I'm sure there are many spelling mistakes, but sometimes you just have to get it all out! LOL Anyone else agree? Give me a shout! or BLOG it :D
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Jen_Jake'smom said...

I totally agree, 100%!!! People are stupid sometimes!!!