Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well I finally did it

I'm the type of person that sets goals for myself...ever since highschool. If i was going to do somehting I was going to be known for doing it! LOL So when I started digi scrapping i tried and tried for just about every design team with no luck, now I'm on three. My first goal was to be published, and now thats happened too! I have an Iraq layout being published in Memory Makers October ALL MEN issue. So my next goal is to be noticed in the digi world with my creations, I may flunk out on that but I'm sure going to try my butt off!
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AmyK said...

Hey Amy - I just happened across your blog. Congrats on getting published! I was with you in the beginning, getting rejected from all of the design teams, and now I'm on several as well! Of course, I'm not as prolific a kit-maker as you... yet! Congratulations on all your success! :) AmyK